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From AvePoint to Apptio…

Excited to announce I’ve made a transition from AvePoint to Apptio as part of the product marketing team there! AvePoint gave me amazing opportunities, as well as more incredible friends and memories than anyone could hope to have as a professional.

The team as well as the warm, welcoming atmosphere at Apptio makes me excited for the future as I look forward to new growth and opportunities!

I am forever grateful for all the talented friends and colleagues who’ve believed in me, encouraged me, and inspired me to get where I am today.


Apptio is focused on something I am particularly passionate about- helping IT run as a business. This especially involves IT financial operations and most importantly proving financial outcomes to help organizations see IT as an investment rather than an expense. Apptio is a mature and successful ISV with ISO and FedRAMP creds and is a thought leader in its space.

So far it’s been a great adventure, with a really dynamic and friendly team of passionate professionals. I look forward to a great future there!

Buzzkill Podcast Series

A friend and colleague of mine at AvePoint, Jay Leask, runs a podcast network and has asked me to run a series with him!

We are announcing the launch of our “Buzzkill” Podcast that addresses the less popular topics surrounding Digital Transformation in an effort to surface their importance to organizations that dismiss key aspects of change management, data governance and other topics vital to log term productivity success. We hope you’ll subscribe!

CMS Wire Contributor of the Year 2019

So thankful to be honored as a contributor of the year for CMS wire!

This really was an unexpected surprise, and I had fun answering the questions they asked for the post that came with this. 

2019 was a great year for me and for AvePoint, and I hope for the chance to help even more people with digital transformation success this year!

There are a lot of great features that will be rolling into OneDrive and SharePoint, as well as Teams this year, which means there will be a lot that many people will need to learn about and stay on top of.

Personally I’m really looking forward to the improvements that are coming to Graph, to the security and data management features that will be coming to Teams (as well as more potential APIs), and I also know there will be a TON of SPO APIs rolling out this year, which will be really cool for a lot of different reasons.

I think one of the most directly helpful things coming to Office 365 for many people will be the massively improved ability to upload an Excel file directly as a list in SharePoint Online (modern sites too!) and have the full functionality of a list available in a Teams tab without having to add it as a ‘site’ with authentication (almost there now anyway! Yaay!)

Buzz from the MS world is that Dynamics will be big this year too.

I was in to flight sims when I was younger, and I’ve recently started this old habit back up again- I’m definitely looking forward to Microsoft’s Flight Simulator releasing later in 2020!

That’s all for now! Special shout out to the bot that totally wiped my old sites’ WordPress install (.tech domains are expensive anyway), and here’s to hoping that actually attempting to secure this one works for a while!