Digital transformation, digital shift

There’s a lot of change happening in the tech industry these days, and the workloads are becoming more advanced.

Established organizations are just beginning to understand that they can invest in IT solutions and see a real ROI not just in their IT budgets, but in overall productivity. This is helping them see the true potential of what technology can bring to the table.

In addition, IT teams are beginning to understand that they can learn from the data and information that exists within their collaboration platforms. They are also learning that there is a lot more critical and sensitive information in those platforms that they previously understood.

Though there will always be a demand for platform migrations, the major shifts for most organizations to cloud based collaboration platforms are for the most part either partially or heavily underway. The reality of today’s collaboration environment is that organizations that claim their files and collaboration are entirely server based are simply unaware of the shadow IT that is going on either semi-officially (a manager or even business unit has paid for licenses of a platform like GSuite or DropBox for their employees) or entirely apart from any official process (small groups of employees communicate and work on projects on unofficial platforms, and only deposit their final product into “official” systems).

We see this every day. Execs and organization leaders are confident that things are going well and that they know what the organization needs, meanwhile the workers on the ground and the mid to low level IT teams laugh when we talk about Shadow IT, rogue processes, and employees not following the rules.

There are still ubiquitous disconnects and huge challenges to change management, accurate data governance and information security and the benefits that structured collaboration and automation can bring to businesses, large and small.

We’ll see over the next few years if all of this improves or gets worse- and I for one will continue to do all I can to help make it improve!


I hope that you’ll join me.